Blade & Soul Revolution Codes (June 2023)

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Blade & Soul Revolution is a popular MMORPG that is based on a peculiar anime style and a completely different world. As befits most MMORPGs, Blade & Soul is endowed with a lot of possibilities, and each player will be able to climb to the top of world domination. Naturally, if the player has good skills. Blade & Soul has both PVP and PVE modes. Get ready to visit a huge open world that is filled with different creatures and other players!

Blade & Soul Revolution
Codes (June 2023)
Codes ListNumber ofValid Until
3UVXL6SNHPY858June 10, 2023
32NGLV6IC0U87Q9354July 11, 2023
DTH8MYOL3U6XW9IV638July 1, 2023
AL62YX17EHCDV04KO707July 24, 2023
3HSNPC8I7DXO6GQ222June 5, 2023
4C6BWYRKZDQAL9UO830June 8, 2023
1G79HCKIJU5VEAW4687July 8, 2023
T4WJINMGQZXV82HS3522July 27, 2023
5HFW9S0QEGZBLN3315June 5, 2023
5Z07BJ68DKWY9AES387July 25, 2023

The storyline will reveal all the backstory and explain current events. The world of Blade & Soul has absorbed various dark conspiracies against kings, the lost ruins of ancient castles and incredible intrigues among important people. Starting the game empty-handed, the player will soon accumulate serious combat power by going through trials and defeating the strongest opponents. The developers fit 50 story characters in the game, which are easily placed in 250 story chapters. Cut-scenes in the game are also enough – 3 hours with high-quality voice acting will not let you get bored while completing quests.

There is a uniform pumping of your own character with a choice of class and role. There are 12 classes in the game, and 3 roles: tank, warrior and healer. Warriors are divided into two subclasses: ranged and melee fighters. Each of the 12 classes can choose a specific race, and there are only four of them in the game: Vans, Fans, Shengs and Lins. However, each class cannot support 4 races at the same time, so choose wisely. You will always have time to play as a talented swordsman or a master who uses the energy of the elements, but it is worth remembering the entry threshold – it is different for each class.

I am glad to be able to adjust the class to the necessary tasks. Although the flexibility is not entirely serious, for certain raid bosses you will need to change talents. There are quite a few of them in the game: some give your hero additional abilities, while others just work as a passive effect.

Speaking about the open world, we can mention not only a large number of cities and settlements, but also many interesting dungeons. They have several subtypes that define the purpose of the location. In the dungeon, you will not have to collect various elixirs and prepare for this event, as for a raid. However, the rewards will be somewhat worse than for participating in the latter. World bosses are another feature in the game world. The strongest players come together in a fight not only with a huge boss, but also in a fight with each other – after all, there is only one enemy and a little loot falls from him, but there are much more players.

PVP is divided into 3 modes: 1v1 and 3v3 battle arena, 6v6 battlegrounds and factional PvP. If everything is clear with the first modes, then the last one is a kind of solution to the problem of battles in the open world. If you want to fight players from the opposite faction, you must visit a special location and put on a cape. After that, you can easily engage in open battles with players from the opposing faction.

Factional interaction is great in the latest PVP mode, as well as when participating in raids. Management is quite simple and will not cause difficulties, despite the large number of different icons and buttons for activating the skills of the characters. The graphic component is anime style with a lot of effects. Optimization is on top – and this is good, because there will be no lags in 6×6 battles. Install Blade & Soul and go to a beautiful world where fabulous creatures and marvelous landscapes are waiting for you!