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Blood Moon Calling: Vampire Otome Romance Game is a romantic story of a girl who, by the will of fate, finds herself in a mysterious world where vampires live openly. It all started after the main character’s father disappeared.

Blood Moon Calling

Enter the Vampire World

A deadly epidemic begins to ravage people. Now, the girl has two goals: to find her father and to find a cure for the terrible plague. With no other choice, she plunges into the world of the dark streets of the city, which is full of dangers.

Blood Moon Calling

Her journey leads to the acquaintance of three vampires of the aristocracy. Each of them has their own personality and outlook on life, as well as secrets that you will have to uncover.

Blood Moon Calling Features

You will have to face this and try to build a good relationship with each of them. But be careful, because the heroine will get caught up in a real, often dangerous spiral of events. Even so, there will be a place for romantic relationships.

Blood Moon Calling

With all the characters that the heroine has met, you need to initiate a dialogue, because without this the plot of Blood Moon Calling: Vampire Otome Romance Game would simply be unshakable. Be careful, because even a small decision by you can lead to serious consequences.

Blood Moon Calling

The most important thing will be to determine for yourself what you really want. Save the city, overcome a deadly disease and reveal the mysterious plans of the vampire clans, or join these clans and take your place among them. There are several finals in the game, this will just depend on your decision.

Great graphics and an entertaining storyline make this game one of the first of its kind. Mod for premium options, will add new opportunities to the game.