Booster Raiders Coupon Codes (July 8, 2022)

NameBooster Raiders Coupon Codes (July 8, 2022)
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Booster Raiders is an addictive multiplayer action game for android from the makers of cool games like Fruit Ninja, Jetpack Joyride and Dan the Man. Choose your favorite character and compete with other players from all over the world. Fly like the wind, jump and shoot! Gather your friends and track your progress.

Booster Raider Features:

  • Barry Stickfris from Jetpack Joyride. This crazy guy will make other runners eat dust with his jetpack. Launch rockets, shoot, plant explosives, use a protective shield and other items;
  • Marie from Fruit Ninja. Energetic Marie loves to play pranks on her friends. Create strawberry explosions, place banana peels and more;
  • Rory the Bear from Bears vs Art. Throw statues, lay easels and pour paint on your rivals;
  • Rare character King from Raskulls. Have you collected all the previous characters and want to move forward? Then meet the King. Speed ​​is his last name. This rare character throws bricks, blocks the path of opponents with gold ingots, and defends himself with a magical shield;
  • Dan from Dan The Man throws shurikens, detonates and places floating mines. He is protected by a dragon of fire;
  • Epic zombie character T-Rex from Age of Zombies. This strange dinosaur is the lord of racing. He can freeze opponents with his breath. He can also throw his zombie helper at pursuers, blow up and use a meteor shower;
  • Booster Raiders has incredible environments: the forest from the Raskulls, fruit Ninja and the laboratory from the Jetpack Joyride;
  • Race Mode: The easiest game mode. Crazy race from start to finish;
  • “Race in a circle” mode: run first after three laps;
  • UFO Mode: Dr. Brains from Age of Zombies has teamed up with aliens and wants to destroy our team. UFO beams must be avoided.
Codes ListNumber ofValid Until
PIQCV0D8NZY141August 11, 2022
320FAMIZ68OL1UN223August 16, 2022
E7JHYB2QWOU30615819August 4, 2022
JCH4FPY8BLKE0V1ZA400August 9, 2022
UZ7NRHILSM3KP19715July 12, 2022
L6DAE12FV84KH30J442August 30, 2022
YCK45MZNQUR73L6A121July 16, 2022
ENTAK2LR7Q84HWO69420July 20, 2022
PSQTY54AMVHCRD9421August 19, 2022
GB5MOKUH9XTJVF3L121August 24, 2022

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