Box Simulator for Brawl Stars Mod 1.31 (Unlimited Money)

Category Simulation
Size 76M
Version 1.31
Update: 23/01/2023
Install Original android iphone

Box Simulator for Brawl Stars – This game is a simulator in which the user will have to open many chests, which contain many unique gizmos and favorite characters.

Basic gameplay

In the game, you need to open chests, which contain interesting items, skins and various characters. The more chests the user opens, the more characters they can collect. From these heroes you can create an entire collection and compete with your friends who will collect more characters and collections.

Box Simulator for Brawl Stars

In addition to the heroes of the game, in the chests you can get countless items that need to be thoroughly researched before using. There are also many quests in the app, upon completion of which the user receives bonus points, which can be used to open new chests or buy various enhancements.

Graphics and Controls

In Box Simulator for Brawl Stars: Cool Boxes! has beautiful graphics, simple controls and an intuitive interface. In terms of design and content, the chests are similar to the chests that gamers encounter in Brawl Stars. In addition to simple unpacking, you can do quests and mini-games for bonus rewards.

Box Simulator for Brawl Stars Mod

Good optimization, mods cost a lot of money, small system requirements. Contests, daily rewards, activity rewards. You can find all sorts of cool weapons, skins, playable characters, accessories and other things that exist in the original project. The only thing is that you will not be able to use what is found in the game’s passages.

Basic Features

Box Simulator for Brawl Stars: Cool Boxes! – True fans of Brawl Stars will surely love it, because many people go through the game merely to find precious chests. A few moments when gamers come to the box and open it, wondering what’s inside.

Then he enjoyed checking the drop, reading the description. Comes with weapons, protective gear, accessories and more. They differ in properties, there are common types, rare types and legendary types. Find great luck in the end. This is what users will do. No zombies and dangerous dungeon clearing. Only chests.

Hack Box Simulator for Brawl Stars

After loading the emulator, some boxes will appear on the screen. You can open them by touching the screen. In addition to the image of the object, a brief description of the properties is displayed. All found items are available in stock, which you can view later without rushing.

This application is not invented and created by the official developers of the toy of the same name, however, it has received a lot of love from the fans of the game. And all because here you can enjoy your leisure time.