Brave Nine Story Codes (April 2023)

Category VIP Codes
Version 1.9.11
Update: 26/03/2023
Install Original android

BraveNine Story is an addictive anime RPG in visual novel format where you will interact with numerous characters, unravel the storyline, build a team of mercenaries and of course fight in tactical turn-based battles.

Brave Nine Story
 Codes (April 2023)
Codes List Number of Valid Until
3HVBCZYA2X0 443 May 5, 2023
OXWA6NDIPG8172B 747 May 18, 2023
LM3IBQTGJ96EDXW7 439 May 12, 2023
ZCW3HP4K8OVL1GD62 656 May 19, 2023
T4XPUVZLAH61RYC 451 April 30, 2023
LQ72WI0YXHJ1D89N 651 May 9, 2023
9I0A1F5XBNDVQMSE 237 April 13, 2023
B3XW6JTE4Y0LCD8HM 118 May 12, 2023
Y8SVARGB3OPME65 818 May 5, 2023
0O8TR27FAZNHEYQ6 301 May 23, 2023

Find out the story of why a young noble boy from a prestigious family suddenly became a fugitive, plunge into the adventure of an unstoppable group of mercenaries. You have to recruit a team of experienced and professional mercenaries, participate in battles and help civilians.

The game has a gacha element, each of the mercenaries has its own class and rarity level. The combat system is turn-based, where any step can change the course of the battle, and your success in battles depends on the strength and coherence of the mercenary team. In addition to epic battles, there will also be a lot of story dialogues, where the characters will be gradually revealed.

Game Features:
Over 50 different episodes;
Interesting plot development through dialogues;
Turn-based combat system;
Mercenaries of different classes;
Exciting battles.