Bushido Saga Codes (January 2023)

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Version 2.2.1
Update: 18/01/2023
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Bushido Saga is a gripping story about a samurai who, after a long journey, decided to return home, but, unfortunately, saw his native lands devastated. Honor tells him to give a worthy rebuff to the enemy who dared to attack his homeland, and therefore there is nothing surprising in the fact that the warrior immediately grabbed his sword and rushed into battle, wanting justice.

Bushido Saga
 Codes (January 2023)
Codes List Number of Valid Until
GJOKYEZ94AT 942 January 21, 2023
2ZOH4TXR0JQ6FMU 627 February 13, 2023
U74GYOFS29H5BTLR 492 March 13, 2023
VEKPY0CH2RFL8AI6J 572 February 17, 2023
CL6A4F7UWOKB2YM 463 March 3, 2023
K2NVAHDFI9EZ5GQ7 801 February 18, 2023
3KSV81XFZY9B64RI 320 February 26, 2023
HO65PTD8KE7RLXICG 100 February 12, 2023
QBKJ4SLPWDECIYN 734 January 30, 2023
RG7BYDESUOXFZTV0 120 February 2, 2023

Not a bad plot, but even more amazing combat system that does not quite fit this genre. You can not look for any buttons for running, since any movement will be carried out by tapping in the right part of the screen. Swipes represent an attack. The project is distinguished by an interesting idea, a variety of opportunities and an atmosphere of the spirit of a true samurai.