Car Mechanic Simulator Mod 2.1.65 (Unlimited Money/Upgrade)

Category Simulation
Size 453M
Version 2.1.65
Update: 22/01/2023
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Car Mechanic Simulator will allow you to try yourself in a new role that will appeal to every fan of high-speed driving. Spin for miles on the track, apply perfect driving skills, get bored: it’s time to move on to the next level.

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What is Car Mechanic Simulator?

Car Mechanic Simulator is an exciting combat process that applies the knowledge that every speed lover has. This game invites you to try your hand at repairing and tuning different models of cars using an extensive arsenal of weapons and tools. Everyone who loves high speed driving will become the owner of a business that should make as much profit as possible. High professionalism, hard work and business acumen will help achieve this goal.

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You will fix a lot of cars

There is a lot of money to buy different parts and tools, which will also open access to an extensive car collection. Mechanics can change suspension and engines, repair brakes, rebuild damaged cars, upgrade and improve standard models, and achieve maximum power and maneuverability. . This game is designed for motivated and creative participants.

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Features of Car Mechanic Simulator

A realistic simulator with convenient controls and unlimited freedom of action will help you experience new sensations and gain new experiences. After installing the application, the mobile device user becomes the owner of a custom workshop, tasked with providing qualified services.

  • Choose a garage with used cars. There are many garages that store rare and already unmanageable cars. Here, the player will have to look at the offers included in the game to choose a car that can be repaired. For the first car purchase, the driver will have money. After buying the car, the mechanic will take it to the car service
  • Repair old cars. From a mechanic who has to repair an old car, bring the car to a new state. What are drivers supposed to do for such purposes? Replace the old body with a new one, removing rust remaining on the metal. In the game, the player still has to fix the engine, brake transmission, adjust the gasket, change the candle. It took a long time for the car to return to normal operation.
  • Sell ​​cars. The finished vehicle can be sold to other drivers. Believe me because it’s so rare, they will spend a lot of money on the buyer. This will allow the purchase of more used cars and spare parts to rebuild them.

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Graphics in the game

Everything was done, practically. Relatively reminiscent of a computer game. The characters are drawn beautifully, and the rows of videos are cleverly inserted into the game allowing the player to feel as realistic as a good auto mechanic can do anything. For the graphics to work well, you need to use a smartphone with average performance.