Casefile: Tokyo Noir Mod 3.0.20 (Unlocked Premium)

Category Simulation
Size 62M
Version 3.0.20
Update: 18/01/2022
Install Original android

Casefile: Tokyo Noir – Otome Romance Game is an addictive game that allows you to immerse yourself in the wonderful world of crime in a big metropolis where big coins and huge opportunities always attract many crooks. , willing to do anything for personal gain. The young girl wants to punish the mysterious brother’s killers and is forced to team up with new friends to investigate. At each step of the game, you will have to choose between different dialogue and actions, which will directly affect the plot and bring you closer to one of many endings.

Casefile: Tokyo Black

The protagonist of the game Casefile: Tokyo Noir – Otome Romance Game is a young girl who decides to become a journalist and plunges into Tokyo’s criminal secrets to find out the truth about her brother’s mysterious death. She rents out an office on the second floor of an ordinary cafe and quickly receives an anonymous order to spy on a young yakuza gangster who will soon show up at a local bar. Going after the crime boss, the girl is caught in a police raid and questioned at the police station, where she testifies about everything she saw in the bar last night.

Casefile: Tokyo Black Mod

Three unusual friends help her in the investigation: Sho – a dark detective with a dark past, ready to commit crimes to catch criminals; Rui is a cafe owner and classmate of the main character, who has been in a one-sided love for several years; Kento is a violent yakuza leader who suddenly enjoys a brief affair with a beautiful journalist. Everyone can give her incredible love or great heartbreak. The mod for many rubies will provide an unlimited amount of in-game currency for endless purchases in the shop, which will help with the rapid development of the plot.