Choices: Stories You Play Codes (April 2023)

Category VIP Codes
Version 3.0.0
Update: 30/03/2023
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Choices: Stories You Play – an exciting text quest in which love intrigues, criminal intricacies and fantastic adventures await you! In this game, it is YOU who will decide how events will develop further and how the fate of the heroes will develop! You are waiting for several different stories, each of which is fascinating in its own way.

Choices: Stories You Play
 Codes (April 2023)
Codes List Number of Valid Until
QUHWO0MGATS 556 April 10, 2023
ZTOD5R48IUS7MAV 672 May 22, 2023
Z3GQWC17FNDLUIBP 198 April 29, 2023
WUBCASPQIK0R94VE7 969 April 3, 2023
RN6HD3MIOYZEW4S 790 May 18, 2023
4TNWHYRUG6EPSZ73 753 May 10, 2023
TOJSVAD4E0I8R7GB 658 May 3, 2023
2KFH9DSW7OC65LVA0 347 April 26, 2023
HPXED3SMB9JWN61 453 April 21, 2023
NXKA693CBIWOTGZF 172 May 17, 2023

Book 1: “Freshman”. Welcome to Hartfield University! Here you will meet real friends and maybe find your love.
Create your own unique style of clothing to impress others. Choose a date for a romantic date with your chosen one. Chat with new friends and have fun!

Book 2: “Especially dangerous.” A Texas police sheriff and a Hollywood detective team up to track down a dangerous criminal. Will you be able to catch the killer?
Play as Detective Dave Reis and Sheriff Sam Messiah. Look for the key to unraveling a terrible mystery. Carefully examine all the evidence at the crime scene. Stop the killer before he catches a new victim!

Book 3: Crown and Flame. Enemies dared to seize your kingdom, it took time to gather an army of warriors and sorcerers to take back what belongs to you!
Form alliances to build your army. Create unique weapons and crush your enemies in epic battles!

These and many other exciting stories await you in Choices: Stories You Play! Stories written by YOU!