Clash Of Kings Promo Codes (February 2023)

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Version 8.19.0
Update: 18/01/2023
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Clash Of Kings for Android is a full-scale military strategy in which players will literally have to rebuild their mighty Empire from scratch, challenging serious opponents. The game “Clash of Kings” is dedicated to the global confrontation, the struggle for the throne of the seven kingdoms. And may the best man win!

Clash Of Kings
 Promo Codes (February 2023)
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Despite the name, fans of George Martin’s work will be very upset. Despite the annotation that mentions the Seven Kingdoms, mobile strategy has nothing to do with a series of well-known literary works. At the beginning of the game, you need to recapture your territory from enemies. Having got rid of the invaders, all their forces must be directed to the development of their territory, the construction of a powerful fortress. In the future, you need to expand your possessions by capturing neighboring lands.

Clash Of Kings has all the aspects of standard strategies. You need to extract useful resources, build buildings, develop, improve your army using in-game purchases or loans received for completing missions and tasks. In addition to the arrangement of the territory, the construction of strategic facilities, the construction of a fortress, special attention should be paid to the development and upgrade of our army. It is equally important to correctly place defensive structures.

The game map is quite large, but do not forget that the game space will have to be shared with other players building their Empires. To strengthen your position, you can join alliances with other players. Players in Unions help each other in battles with stronger opponents, developing territories. You can get useful resources and gold by looting neighboring territories. To find out the location of enemy forces, to obtain useful information, you can send reconnaissance groups.

The game attracts with its realism. Unlike other strategies, after a complete defeat, players get time to restore their strength. There are no such concessions in Clash Of Kings, and with each new level you need to be ready to fight against stronger and more dangerous enemies.

In general, Clash Of Kings leaves a pleasant impression, despite the fact that the concept of the game is not original, and the game project itself is in many ways reminiscent of Game of War and Clash of Clans. A little disappointing is the rather boring, monotonous design of the virtual world. The landscape of the playing field is dull and of the same type. Perhaps this is the biggest disadvantages of the game. Not happy with the visual design. The only plus is freedom in the game. You can arrange forces, coordinate actions, improve buildings at any convenient time.