Code of Victory Codes (July 12, 2022)

NameCode of Victory Codes (July 12, 2022)
SizeJuly 9, 2020
Install Original android

Codex of Victory – turn-based strategy game for android with an exciting plot. Humanity is divided. The natural course of human evolution was disrupted. Attempts began to adapt to the harsh conditions of space and hostile planets, which led to the emergence of an unusual race of superhuman cyborgs – the Augments. Augments went on the attack on ordinary people. Now we have to protect our territory and save humanity!

In Codex of Victory for Android, an exciting campaign awaits you in which you will create and command a high-tech army of drones, tanks and robots. The campaign includes real-time base building, global strategic planning and turn-based combat. Travel between planets and territories. Your task is to stop the Augments.

Expand your underground headquarters in real time. Gather room blueprints, build factories, research centers, warehouses, laboratories and more. Look at the planetary map where it is better to deploy your armies.

Take part in tactical battles. Choose combat units and place them on the battlefield. Go through the main storyline and various randomly generated missions and get access to more than 25 units. Each unit has many options, thanks to upgrades and add-on modules.

Codex of Victory Features:

  • An exciting combination of turn-based combat and real-time base building;
  • Over 20 hours of single player campaign;
  • Over 25 unique combat units, each with countless variants;
  • Randomly generated missions;
  • Sci-fi environment with amazing graphics.

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