CONTRACT KILLER: SNIPER Gift Codes (January 2023)

Category VIP Codes
Version 6.1.1
Update: 19/01/2023
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CONTRACT KILLER: SNIPER – you are a professional killer, whose specialization is penetration into top-secret objects and liquidation of important targets. A terrible threat looms over the entire planet: an army of cyborgs has flooded cities and countries. Behind all this are people who kidnap scientists and use them for their own purposes, contributing to the reproduction of mechanical killers. You must stop this madness!

 Gift Codes (January 2023)
Codes List Number of Valid Until
4WH1SX0LRNV 158 March 14, 2023
LKS6FU4J2YGQVAC 403 February 19, 2023
5D30NFJC8EUHLKZM 146 February 24, 2023
3B2F86HO40CMQGKIL 562 February 21, 2023
4BRUAQHO2CI9NJL 186 January 30, 2023
SUNCO2Q68DVTWYR4 653 March 5, 2023
W35GI94MQRBUDH6J 641 February 12, 2023
7PMAUSITCGFLKH3B6 500 March 17, 2023
9XSMZE81UJWRO6T 821 February 1, 2023
T2KBSRNE90VHCUIQ 634 January 24, 2023

Be a kryptonite for those who want too much. Clean up criminals throughout 250 missions in various parts of the globe. Infiltrate enemy territory and move towards the central bases, staying out of range. Track objects and then destroy them quietly and quickly.

Improve as a fighter by buying and upgrading your armor and weapon set. Sign contracts with organizations around the world, earn money and prove that you are the best killer!