Cooking Madness 2022 iOS Mod 2.2.4 (Unlimited Diamond/Coins)

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If your passion is cooking, decorating dishes and you like to do everything yourself, then Cooking Madness is your favorite game. In this app you will have a chance to become an excellent chef. At our restaurant you have to cook a large number of delicious and unique dishes from different cuisines of the world. The game is full of many recipes and recommendations.


How to play Cooking Madness

You see yourself as the owner of the restaurant and at the same time its chef. Every day, a large number of hungry customers come here to order and want to eat at your place. To make them all happy, leave a tip and come back – you’ll have to try. A real madness begins in the restaurant, when all the seats are filled and each guest is waiting for his favorite dish.


Accumulating experience and the love of customers, the network of food service businesses is expanding. In the game you have to open some new points. Each place will have its own charm that will attract more customers. In this food craze, you need to make time for everything: cook, maintain customer interest, and manage restaurant chains.



Each stage of the game adds more fun. New dishes to cook with and kitchen appliances are becoming available to help reduce preparation time. By fulfilling customer orders, you gain tremendous experience that helps you grow your business.

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Doesn’t the culinary frenzy seem completely insane? Be ready for rush hour, when a large number of customers arrive at the same time and want a quick bite to eat at your establishment. A satisfied customer is more money and experience, so you should strive to please everyone.


Features of Cooking Madness

In Cooking Madness game you will get:

  • Access to many recipes.
  • Ready to do business. Become the head and owner of a restaurant chain;
  • Chance to win the title of most famous chef;
  • Opportunity to open a new restaurant and win the hearts of customers;
  • Upgrade your kitchen with new items and improve your cooking skills;
  • You will complete a large number of different interesting tasks;
  • Colossal experience and the chance to become an outstanding entrepreneur.

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