Crab War Coupon Codes (February 2023)

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Version 3.53.1
Update: 16/01/2023
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Crab War is an arcade strategy game with clicker elements and colorful visuals. Your task is to help the king crabs in the fight against giant reptiles. There are over 80 types of crabs with different abilities and talents that can evolve and become more powerful. Fight with different types of reptiles, call on allies for help and reclaim your territory!

Crab War
 Coupon Codes (February 2023)
Codes List Number of Valid Until
FCA9T6UP2V5 151 February 1, 2023
OGP5XCENZ8SMHFA 453 February 28, 2023
BFV3X9C7ORHZISLU 418 January 19, 2023
T4UDK2FGBAL1J0VRZ 854 March 4, 2023
ON3EU1M2W86TSJL 220 February 19, 2023
JPOAT2D7FGHZB8W9 670 February 7, 2023
IJNPSULH9T601VEQ 360 February 8, 2023
EIWY10LU3KHT28JFZ 540 January 20, 2023
V7DLTUSMR10NWF6 448 January 17, 2023
R8FSHZUNQ37W1XEJ 843 February 27, 2023

Once upon a time, giant reptiles destroyed the habitat of crabs and took their lands for themselves, but after a while the crabs managed to master the power of crystals and are now ready to come out of the ground, take revenge on their enemies and return their rightful place of residence. You will control groups of crabs, which are divided into three types – amethyst, emerald and garnet. Each of the species can evolve giving rise to new subspecies that have their own unique skills.

Get king crabs that will lead your flocks and deal the most powerful damage to reptiles. Shed and be reborn, as well as acquire super-powerful mutations. Collect pearls and butterflies that will give you additional bonuses. Change the genes and customize your crabs in the Gene Lab and the Gene Tree. Defeat bosses, increase your strength and destroy all reptiles to return home.

Game Features:
Powerful allies in the form of a golden ramp;
More than 80 types of crabs;
33 unique king crabs;
Ability to compete with other players;
Gene tuning, powerful mutations and evolution of crabs.