Critical Ops Gift Codes (June 2023)

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Critical Ops is a fun shooter that requires not only aiming but also thinking well. The plot tells about the confrontation between terrorists and special forces. You can play as one or the other. There is an impressive selection of weapons here – from pistols to Kalashnikovs and rifles. You can play on servers alone or with a group of friends. Clean up the territory and prove to players from all over the world that you are the most dangerous terrorist or a cool special forces soldier. The game is completely free, with the exception of weapon skins, which can be purchased at will.

Critical Ops
Gift Codes (June 2023)
Codes ListNumber ofValid Until
E1Q0JRL2AVU518June 4, 2023
37TF9RL5KZH4UIP603May 21, 2023
AUWJXLM506ROTKGH793April 30, 2023
OS3VK15FH27LIA8RG220April 13, 2023
MENGJHYAZQ2P4XD598May 14, 2023
40LOD3VSBPJIAGXY832June 3, 2023
2XWPDFT30YK59VQM279April 12, 2023
3UPLG4VCJF0EADNI6634May 23, 2023
YNIEGK8ZSX75H39378May 13, 2023
I8POH9ERG0FAWVT1129April 28, 2023