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NameCrossout Mobile
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Crossout Mobile is a fun game where you have to equip your car and take part in 4v4 battles, in which mounts will fight. It is necessary to destroy the opposing team and take the title, and this can only be done by getting stronger, smarter, and more skillful.

Development Studio “Gaijin” is a world-renowned creator of games of the military genre. The creators of today’s programs have set their sights on conquering the leading position in the mobile market, so you are invited to download “Crossout Mobile (Mad Driver)” (version of “Crossout”), like an example of the successful development of a car action game. This project stands out notably among other board games. The player is not limited in his actions at all.

Crossout Mobile

Highlights of Crossout Mobile

Crossout Mobile will give you real driving experience and will also require teamwork. It is not possible to take on so many opponents alone, however, by working as a well-coordinated team and applying wise strategies, you can take down each opponent, destroying them. This is a serious confrontation, involving not only unrestrained shooting in all directions but also the ability of the opponent’s precaution and calculation.

  • With the help of the installation of improved engines, it was possible to modernize the car;
  • All weapons are provided. It remains to choose from;
  • The technique can protect armor. And by upgrading your armor, you will be able to develop the stats of your cross-country ability.

An interesting project “Crossout Mobile” resembles its predecessor and does not lag behind the development process of the past. Everyone will have the opportunity to participate in the battles, and the post-apocalypse is of very high quality. Graphics at a high level. The battles are amazingly epic, the landscape is drawn. Players are imbued with the atmosphere of a destroyed world.

Crossout Mobile Mod

Military equipment options:

  • Armored vehicle. It’s not the fastest car, but it’s reliable;
  • Buggy. This technique is fast, but lacks super armor;
  • Pick up … The combination of high-speed performance with protection is the ultimate.

You are provided with hundreds of parts to make your machines powerful enough.

Weapon system:

  • classic machine gun;
  • small powerful gun;
  • including rockets.

And here the high production capacity is noted. A damaged vehicle in addition to losing its appearance also becomes weaker in characteristics. Weaker speed stats, armor loss, etc

Simple gameplay

It is possible to join a team using PvP mode. An alliance of four players will be able to play against a similar alliance of four opponents. Massive post-apocalyptic battles are about to take place.

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There are many fractions. Decide for yourself which flag to defeat your opponent. Playing as a faction, you have to have even more skill and detail to win. The title of leader will have to be achieved! After all, each of the thousands of real opponents is ready to fight to the end for domination of the post-apocalyptic world.

Each player can choose any car. There are 3 main types of them: buggies – fast, but vulnerable; heavily armored cars – slow, but extremely powerful in weapons; Pickup trucks are powerful middle-class farmers, which is a popular solution compared to previous options.

Many types of weapons can be installed on these vehicles – automatic rifles, machine guns, rocket launchers – the choice of weapons in the game is huge, they must be appropriate in weight. . Everything is available thanks to the mod for the full version. Armed with your vehicle, you can rush into battle. As part of a team of 4 players, you will have to fight another such team to find out who is better.

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