Dark Days: Zombie Survival Mod 2.0.4 (Free Shopping)

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Dark Days: Zombie Survival is a classic action game. The hero will once again have to go into the unknown, murky abandoned by nearly everyone who is still alive. Only zombies are waiting for you, insatiable and bloodthirsty creatures. All you need to survive is to build yourself a shelter so you can calmly wait through the night. The night is the time when crowds of vampires hunt for a living.

Dark Days: Zombie Survival

Unique Plot

The deadly virus was released by an unknown terrorist organization. Although, it could just be an accidental leak in the lab. It doesn’t matter now. A nightmare has descended on Earth.

The apocalypse killed most of the world’s population. Only a few managed to get out, miraculously getting rid of the infection. However, now these people must face the most difficult thing – to survive on a planet full of bloodthirsty monsters.

Gameplay and Missions

The basic gameplay is based on various missions and missions. Get out of this building and into another building, find shelter, food, etc. The developers did not make the player’s life any easier and introduced a hunger system that adds presentability. real. To survive in a world full of zombies, gamers must fight.

Dark Days: Zombie Survival Mod

For this, an extensive combat arsenal is provided, as well as a crafting system. With it, initial weapons will be available, as well as household items, such as fire, dishes, clothes.

This cannot be ignored, because there are not many stores where you can shop. From now on, players will have to become the holder of all the trades themselves and even learn how to craft.

Features and Graphics

Dark Days: Zombie Survival is mainly featured in the visual component. The graphics are made in the original comic style, which gives the game a special atmosphere. Musical compositions are designed to make the passage so dynamic that it surprises you. Each mission that gamers perform will make players scared and fill the blood with adrenaline. Here, every minute counts, you can’t let terrible monsters eat people.

Hack Dark Days: Zombie Survival

In Dark Days: Zombie Survival, players will have to try on the skin of one of these lucky people. The future looks incredibly bleak, but you just can’t give up.

You need to hold a pistol and open a safe path for yourself from the undead. It won’t hurt in the free craft and monetization mod journey. It will greatly simplify survival tasks.