Dawncaster: Deckbuilding RPG Redeem Codes (February 2023)

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Version 1.6.08
Update: 15/01/2023
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Dawncaster: Deckbuilding RPG is a wonderful card game in which you will immerse yourself in a dark fantasy world where you will have to fight against minions of the dark force. But first, choose a role for yourself, whether you play for a powerful warrior, a clever robber, or a skilled wizard who owns arcane magic. If you don’t want to limit yourself, then there is the opportunity to collect an absolutely unique deck and create a new class!

Dawncaster: Deckbuilding RPG
 Redeem Codes (February 2023)
Codes List Number of Valid Until
BV3CJA1U7GL 873 March 3, 2023
WGSLEJ1VPTY9K2Q 346 February 2, 2023
LIH16NJ0ZDSB7OTP 906 March 16, 2023
ROB59JH7MNUDEG3XS 238 March 13, 2023
ANVM0DFY9E1XLST 111 February 27, 2023
7SQJ6B1OEGDY82PR 136 February 9, 2023
2KS6DGX90VLJIH4R 933 February 4, 2023
4SDXF06HZPEVCR2JK 766 March 8, 2023
LKMUSQZD7T51FE4 925 March 14, 2023
2MTEGOXRVYWF98ZU 774 January 17, 2023

The mechanics here are slightly different, which may surprise even card game veterans, although otherwise there are cards for abilities, structures, magical and physical attacks. From the very beginning of the game, try to build the most effective deck, based on your own experience or using ready-made templates. Then, you can go to your first battle, and take a short training course.

It is worth noting that all existing cards will be freely available, you do not need to buy any packs and save money for a long time. Also, here you will find a fascinating storyline where you need to get out of the defiled forest, where along the way you will stumble upon terrifying monsters, animals, and you can even meet your future allies!

Game Features:
Well drawn atmospheric graphics;
More than 300 unique maps in the public domain;
Exciting single player campaign;
The ability to create and upgrade your hero.