Dead Trigger Mod 2.1.0 (Unlimited Ammo/Gold)

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Dead Trigger is the most amazing mess (best arcade zombie style). Due to the outbreak of the virus wave, the world economy collapsed. Money has no old value. Humanity has emerged in a general uprising against businessmen and civil servants who do nothing but stuffing their pockets to the brink.

Dead Trigger

However, those who rule this world have prepared for a terrible virus – they are simply hiding. Suddenly, most of the population on planet Earth died from an unknown virus, turning into bloodthirsty zombies, which at present are motivated by only one desire – to eat!

According to the plot, only a few people remain among the survivors, find weapons and learn to fight these dangerous creatures. And you are one of those lucky people.

Dead Trigger Mod

In this world, the government no longer has the leverage of control, and there is no one at the top in this situation. The existence of a developed world is coming to an illogical conclusion in 2012, the currency has lost its former power, as the world economy remains in the distant past. A terrible virus began to spread throughout our planet, taking with it almost half of the world’s population. Those whom this infection did not kill immediately began turning into the living dead.

For a few weeks, the megacities emptied, the walking dead becoming their main inhabitants. But there are also living people, these fortunate people have formed detachments, and they are trying to revive the former society. Your hero will have to replace one of the leaders of the resistance and join the battle with a non-contagious disease.

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But the main advantage of the application is an attractive plot, as well as detailed graphics. The gameplay of the game will also not let you get bored, hordes of dead people, running at you from behind shelters and any nearby buildings, are made with amazing detail. In addition, any obstacle can affect their behavior.