Dekaron G Promo Codes (February 2023)

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Version 1.1.126
Update: 01/02/2023
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Dekaron G is a high-quality and addictive MMORPG where you can feel like heroes in a huge fantasy world. According to the story, the planet is threatened by a destructive dark force led by Karon, who personifies pure evil. And you and the rest of the heroes will confront him and his minions!

Dekaron G
 Promo Codes (February 2023)
Codes List Number of Valid Until
JX5ECFND493 763 March 3, 2023
6SVKFB58P07IMD2 878 March 18, 2023
DEQIS51RB6L2VOXW 239 February 17, 2023
FM0NBOJZD1G8QSHP7 950 February 22, 2023
2671JRTFPE5HGOV 463 February 2, 2023
I19Y8QMPL75GSOKC 510 February 3, 2023
S1XCG2FYPNRD0456 167 February 16, 2023
1VMX3TS4Q502UKF7W 759 March 1, 2023
8KESCUPAZFH17O9 530 March 24, 2023
S7YQOKHU8312EWBM 205 February 26, 2023

Before starting the game, you have to choose one of the four classes, among which are the classic warrior, mage, shooter and assassin. It will also turn out to work on the appearance with the help of a detailed editor. Then you can immediately go to the game world, where you will begin to complete story quests and gradually upgrade the hero.

In the game world there are many events, raids and PvP battles where you can interact with other players, which is most appreciated in games of this genre. Together with them, it will be possible to fight against powerful bosses, compete with each other in the arena, or simply engage in trade!

Game Features:
Detailed and high-quality graphics;
Several game classes;
Large open world;
Lots of joint activities with other players;
Epic battles in real time.