Demon Blade - Japanese Action RPG Redeem Codes (January 2023)

Category VIP Codes
Version 2.320
Update: 16/01/2023
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Demon Blade – Japanese Action RPG is an original action role-playing game steeped in Japanese culture. Therefore, if you love everything related to this country, this kind of game will definitely appeal to you.

Demon Blade – Japanese Action RPG
 Redeem Codes (January 2023)
Codes List Number of Valid Until
EQ4M68X1DY5 316 February 9, 2023
GVKZPDUBMHF6NQX 461 March 10, 2023
YP34QO9M2ZKDUHJW 707 February 25, 2023
CE7SOP6H8LD219U0Y 220 March 16, 2023
8LUTB9M2H0Z6VPO 511 February 9, 2023
TCPX5OZ40E2D1H6B 939 March 16, 2023
UG1BAE7SPY549JMH 438 February 15, 2023
WTA15ZFHS8KB6YDQG 188 February 12, 2023
EZOF613ILBWHNKX 142 February 24, 2023
FO1NXEAI37YQSJM9 833 February 26, 2023

Get ready for an exciting adventure during which you will find yourself in various regions of the Land of the Rising Sun and face dozens of different enemies. Giant spiders, mutants and representatives of various tribes. Equip your hero in various outfits (there are thousands of combinations of armor and weapons in the game) to increase the chance of defeating them.

The plot of the game has its own interesting story and an unexpected ending. Reach the very end and find out the denouement of the difficult but exciting path of a real samurai!