DESERTOPIA Mod 4.13.2 (Unlimited Money)

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DESERTOPIA is an unusual game made in the genre of economic strategy with elements of survival. According to the plot, the main character travels across the ocean, where he manages to find an island, which for some reason was abandoned by the previous inhabitants. From the traces of the inhabitants of the island, only one factory remains, around which all events continue.



The way to play is to manage the island and gradually perfect it. The main tool for earning in-game currency is the mill, by clicking it works. While the mill is spinning, energy is generated so that the player can buy all sorts of improvements for his island. Gradually, this wonderful place will develop: vegetable fields will appear, animals will appear, and the factory itself will be modernized.

The player’s task is not only to achieve as many improvements as possible but also to try to maintain the already acquired improvements in good condition. So if you don’t keep an eye on the field the weeds will overgrow, if you don’t keep an eye on the livestock the animals will start to get sick and die.


Features of DESERTOPIA

The aim of the game is simply to enjoy everything that happens on the island. The game has a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere that is sure to help you relax and get rid of stress.

However, the world around the factory is changing, and if you don’t fulfill your obligations, then from a prosperous and cozy island this wonderful place will turn into a harsh desert with no creatures and plants.


Features of the game:

  • The gameplay is simple and easy to understand.
  • Change in weather and time of year, to which you need to adapt.
  • A large number of species of animals and plants.
  • Unpredictable random events.
  • Nice graphics and well-curated music.

In Desertopia there are no dynamics and some kind of action, but there is an amazing atmosphere and an island that changes according to the player’s choices and actions. He can be not only friendly and hospitable, but he can also desert and be hostile. To make the island grow, you need to constantly rotate the mill and make the right decisions!