Dino Robot - Velociraptor Cops Gift Codes (July 28, 2022)

NameDino Robot – Velociraptor Cops Gift Codes (July 28, 2022)

The Police Cyclator was originally an independent Dino Robot roaming the wilderness. Once, when he was living a free life, he almost fell into a canyon. He hung over the abyss and waited for death. Ten days later, Pteranodon and Ankylosaurus appeared before him. They saved him and he joined them to thank them. King Tyranno gave him a transformation core and he became a police officer. He could transform into a police motorcycle. In addition, he could freely navigate at night. Collect scattered parts and assemble a big and strong dinosaur robot. Once assembled, many technologies can be used.

Codes ListNumber ofValid Until
VSC6TH2O45M218August 14, 2022
9C1ONYPH3EIJF5Q637July 30, 2022
SY6WIP0NB2Q8R397919September 6, 2022
LN2X9HQAB4G0K3EDU994September 6, 2022
HZNB9EIPDQ6XKFA605July 30, 2022
VGMC83DFKNRIQ40Z709September 11, 2022
BKOY89GHIMEZ25V0761August 22, 2022
8SA26YV9C3IU4M0ZX815September 2, 2022
4P1MXBN8TG9W2VD825July 31, 2022
BMDOK1U368IYT4WL430August 25, 2022

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