Dragon & Dracula Codes iOS Mod 2.5.11 (Unlimited Money)

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Dragon & Dracula is a comic action game in which two exciting opponents will fight – Mighty Dragon and the king of all vampires.

Dragon & Dracula


But until the final battle, you still need to wait. You need to evolve from a miniature dragon a real machine to slay mystical creatures, for which you will need to try a lot, passing levels in turn in which you need to collect gold coins , all kinds of crystals and other magical artifacts.

In addition, your dragon will always be waiting for dangers and an uncountable number of obstacles on the levels, for example mice, which our character does not like very much. Destroying and overcoming obstacles will also bring a part of the profit.

Dragon & Dracula

The money and gems received can then be used to change the look of your ward, as well as pumping abilities and all sorts of skills, which will surely be needed in the impending battle with Count Dracula legendary.

Features of the game

  • Great graphic depiction of the characters.
  • High quality animation of the characters.
  • Fun music accompaniment throughout the game.
  • Easy to learn controls.

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