Dynamite Headdy Redeem Codes (July 7, 2022)

NameDynamite Headdy Redeem Codes (July 7, 2022)
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Dynamite Headdy on Android – welcome to the stage! The theatrical world can be very dangerous, especially if Heddy is playing there! It’s up to Heddy to stop the Dark Demon and his minions from taking over the world! Collect power-up heads for amazing abilities like invulnerability and nostril laser guns!

Dynamite Headdy Features:

  • Thanks to the head on the springs, Haddy can jump over obstacles, grab objects and even throw basketballs into the basket;
  • 18 different heads that can freeze time, explode and more;
  • 28 different bosses;
  • The level select codes from the original game work here;
  • The ability to save progress at any time in the game;
  • Leaderboards;
  • Support for HID controllers.
Codes ListNumber ofValid Until
BLU905DVQGT758August 5, 2022
8Q1RWPYD2ZVK05F986July 14, 2022
G73RSU6I4O9ZMQA2362August 20, 2022
9N8VLSBMDFIXT2GE3861July 13, 2022
4IOCVUZNP92BQRG981August 19, 2022
AIGJV965CTOHQSYB817July 12, 2022
E50I8A69JYW2HV7B430September 3, 2022
QD3V0ZUAYO8EP7RCM432August 2, 2022
IYPBRZ17D4VCQFE944August 6, 2022
AE0ZR1W3KJF46O9T651August 25, 2022

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