Dystopia: Contest of Heroes Gift Codes (April 2023)

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Version 3.3.4
Update: 30/03/2023
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Dystopia: Contest of Heroes is an epic strategy game with massive tactical battles. Immerse yourself in a world that was created based on the famous game “Clash of Clans”, which means that you are waiting for truly exciting battles, huge bases and an exciting multiplayer mode. Become one of the most powerful players by creating an impenetrable defense and a crushing army!

Dystopia: Contest of Heroes
 Gift Codes (April 2023)
Codes List Number of Valid Until
E7CDV4PB0F9 302 April 21, 2023
XDMHC2I4UGVEKL8 733 May 20, 2023
B3XGOTJU5VQI81SN 360 May 22, 2023
RIGZL46DMJHOT28K1 680 April 16, 2023
IN0HUKLPAM1QS2O 563 April 26, 2023
9JLBFS8G2D5I4RPZ 634 March 31, 2023
XUQRZ0CBI56HPT47 849 April 5, 2023
X8G5HTVURSKFN3ZIM 301 April 12, 2023
IVXZW3Q5RKBAL9C 814 May 26, 2023
TIWEVZNSM4U5F7O1 846 May 19, 2023

Initially, you will have only a few buildings and workers at your disposal. Gradually, establish resource extraction and start building defensive structures, defensive towers and strong walls. By setting up various barracks, hire new soldiers armed with high-tech long-range and short-range weapons. Some of them can also be put on the defense of the base. During the attack, the attacker needs to break through the defensive line and destroy the enemy’s main building in the allotted time. Otherwise, the defender wins.

Having won during an attack, you can take some of the resources of another player, get a lot of game currency and raise your rating. There is an opportunity to help your friends and make alliances. The game is created in the style of a dystopian future, which uses laser guns, plasma machine guns and many beautiful and devastating weapons!

Game Features:
A huge number of different units;
Exciting multiplayer battles;
Ability to build a large-scale base;
Beautiful graphics in a futuristic setting.