Fallout Shelter Promo Codes (February 2023)

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Version 1.15.4
Update: 17/01/2023
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The casual Android game from Bethesda Fallout Shelter, a few days after the presentation at E3, pleasantly surprised gamers with its appearance on Google Play and has become one of the most frequently downloaded free games in recent times. The game provides an opportunity to get a unique experience of survival in a post-apocalyptic world.

Fallout Shelter
 Promo Codes (February 2023)
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5QRPO7LBVAFHNU1CE 666 March 17, 2023
XIDG51OYAEMV9L6 664 February 7, 2023
83I0CBSTGNWR9F5D 614 February 8, 2023

Fallout Shelter is a mixture of The Sims and XCOM: Enemy Unknown. The action of the game in Fallout Shelter takes place in the near future on Earth that has survived a nuclear catastrophe. For the survival of people in abnormal conditions, Shelters were created, in one of which all game events will take place. Players will play as the Overseer, whose main task is to equip the Shelter, create comfortable and safe conditions for his subordinates.

The shelter includes several types of rooms in which the resources necessary for life are produced: canteens, power plants, pumping stations for water. It is these strategically important objects that the players will have to rebuild. As the gameplay develops, the number of surviving residents will increase and this will require new well-equipped rooms. As a result, the Vault should turn into a kind of complex and intricate labyrinth, in which optimal conditions have been created for the living of a surviving group of people.

Each of the inhabitants has unique abilities and character parameters, among which are Intelligence, Survival, Perception, Love, Dexterity, Luck, Charisma, Perception. The wards also have a happiness parameter, as in The Sims series, The more comfortable and better the mood of the residents, the more efficient they are. Each job requires special abilities from the characters. For example, increasing the level of Perception contributes to the faster filling of the reservoirs of the Vault with water. You can increase statistics and characteristics using items and clothes. A military uniform increases strength, a priest’s cassock increases charisma, and a lab coat increases intelligence. To protect the structure, you will need weapons and good equipment. Actions will take place outside the Vault, and in this case, you need to track the movement of your wards. The in-game currency for purchasing upgrades is bottle caps. Speeding up the creation process allows you to get the right resources faster.

Fallout Shelter is distributed according to a free-to-play model, but unlike similar shareware projects, lunchboxes are purchased for real money, which contain 4 cards that add additional resources and items. Lunchboxes can be earned by completing quests, or they can be found by characters sent to explore the surrounding area. Overall impressions of the game are positive. A variety of thoughtful gameplay will not let you get bored for a minute.