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FFVII The First Soldier is a true battle of kings that takes place thirty years earlier than the enigmatic story in the famous Final Fantasy VII. The place of events is the glorious city of Midgard. The player’s task is to compete with each other for the privilege of taking the place of the best soldier, who will be allowed to become part of the Cloud organization.

FFVII The First Soldier

The presentation of The First Soldier is a combination of the best elements of the gameplay of famous games such as Fortnite, PUBG Mobile, and Creative Destruction, as well as the unusual. In the game, you can plunge into the magical world, face the non-trivial abilities of the characters and even summon souls. This non-standard mix makes the game truly special and unique.

FFVII The First Soldier Mod

Weapon selection, magic skills, and armor are some of The First Soldier’s strongest points. Each player can use a variety of rifles, machine guns, shotguns, and pistols. There is also a huge arsenal of items for using ice, fire, and lightning spells. The variety of melee weapons is also amazing. The prototype for creating a weapon is the weapon of the characters in the original game.

The enveloping atmosphere in The First Soldier will immerse fans of the original game in a bloody battle. Players will be able to explore one of Midgar’s most popular gaming cities from a previously unknown side. Now you will be able to get acquainted with the suburbs of Don Corneo, visit the Aerite church, visit the famous bar “Seventh Heaven” and taste many other places that were not known before.

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The First Soldier was a real test for Square-Enix, as now the game from the popular Final Fantasy series is transposed into a genre that is unusually new to it. But bravery and originality, high-quality visual effects will allow the game to have an honorable place in the game world.

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