Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Codes (April 2023)

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Version 8.0.0
Update: 30/03/2023
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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius – role-playing game for Android from developers Square Enix and Alim. This is the first collaboration between these studios, originally released in October 2015 in Japan and then in June 2016 worldwide.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius
 Codes (April 2023)
Codes List Number of Valid Until
RCE7P05ZLYG 509 May 1, 2023
QUPWLONJ6KIGF8S 789 April 28, 2023
83YL1DR2CNSJOZVB 979 April 14, 2023
K5I3XG0PC6USB72AT 202 May 9, 2023
QSZJAIN17XEOH4B 813 May 7, 2023
4ZK58CVBQ13SN0HM 206 May 6, 2023
JMUE05DLHTYKSBWN 422 April 17, 2023
ME0GR5SO7QWDZ4C8X 658 April 2, 2023
S7OPW49N8Y6LJBM 198 May 2, 2023
NDL5VUR2SIQEBTH6 476 March 31, 2023

The game is positioned as an RPG in the Final Fantasy universe with a Brave Frontier combat system that includes a simple interface where you control character attacks with a special button, and swipe for special skills and defense.

You have to go through a series of stages in the dungeon, at the end of which bosses will be waiting for you. Use various magic spells, call characters. And, of course, earn points and gain invaluable experience, all this will help in the game.