Fire Craft Mod 1.80 (Unlimited gems and Coins)

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Fire Craft: 3D Pixel World is a cube shooter based on the legendary Minecraft. This world has been occupied by the forces of evil, there is no time to build, so the game immediately throws the user into battle. In the best traditions of shooters, where you need to shoot everything that moves.

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The plot is distinguished by a large number of levels, locations, and characters. You can choose from hundreds of cards. All of them are distinguished by their original landscape and environment. And to show off your personality, you can choose from one of 180 skins to your liking.



There are a lot of enemies here – over 100 types of monsters, not to mention powerful bosses. To survive in this dangerous world, you need to constantly upgrade your armor and weapons, not forgetting the other characteristics of your character. There is a mod with a lot of money, which will help you quickly equip yourself and fight the most dangerous monsters equally. The trick is that opponents appear randomly, so you need to constantly turn your head to not reveal your unprotected attack again.


Highlights of Fire Craft

The game has more than 100 locations available, including ocean, magma, and ice. For one company, 50 different difficulty levels are provided. More than 180 creative skins are available for character customization. This game is not for the faint of heart, but serious and long-lasting.

Fire Craft: 3D Pixel World offers three game modes:

Campaign Mode – This is a single company where it is proposed to go through the plot in stages. Here you need to complete themed missions, protect civilians and shoot nasty monsters.

PvP Sniper Mode  – This is a deadly adventure on a deserted island that is teeming with monsters. Here you will have to show the miracle of resourcefulness, or else you will not be able to escape in this hell on earth.

Multiplayer Mode  – A kind of test of accuracy and weapon handling skills where you need to compete against real users from around the world.


Fire Craft: 3D Pixel World – Are you ready to face the danger? The whole world is hoping for you because someone sent a dark spell, and all the streets are filled with terrible monsters and zombies. People fled their homes and set up survival camps. To help them, you need to side with and deal with the wicked evil.