Flight Simulator 2D Mod 1.6.7 (Unlimited Money)

Category Game Mobile
Size 46M
Version 1.6.7
Update: 19/01/2023
Install Original android iphone

Flight Simulator 2D – mobile game with learning elements and third-person perspective. The game allows the user to become a real pilot, of course, having previously completed a training course. Learn the basics of aircraft control mechanics and start conquering the air space.

Flight Simulator 2D

The physics is very realistic, and therefore you will have to apply all your skills at the helm. An airplane’s cockpit is full of different buttons and levers that you just want to press, but don’t rush it: they all perform a certain function. Learning air transport management systems is an entertaining process. Gradually, different tasks and tests will be available to you, for which you will receive rewards in the form of money. But don’t rush to accept the worst: it’s better to invest in improving your skills.

After accumulating a certain amount of money, you can spend it on new, more modern and technologically advanced models of air transport.

Flight Simulator 2D Mod

The game features a recreated world map, so you can visit any corner of the Earth, complete a few quests there, and return with a small amount of cash. Learn the culture of the inhabitants of all countries of the world and show them your flying skills.

Hack Flight Simulator 2D

Fresh breezes don’t always blow over your back, so you need to always be prepared for all weather conditions. Thunder can scare you a lot, which will make it difficult to control air vehicles. During a hurricane, the best solution is to hold the steering wheel tighter to avoid swirling into the air.