Forward Assault iOS Mod 1.2028 (Unlimited Ammo/Gold/Money)

NameForward Assault
SizeVaries with device
Install Original android iphone

Forward Assault offers action and shooter fans a dedicated project that is, in fact, a modernized version of the hugely popular Counter-Strike. Players will take on the role of a soldier of the special unit against terrorism and organized crime, or “bad guy” when switching to online mode and will plunge into fiery confrontations between users from all over the world. all over the world. The toy will provide classic control, obvious from the very first seconds, a sea of ​​improvements and research, the opportunity to improve a fighter’s skills, his weapons and armor ta.

Forward Assault

Highlights of Forward Assault

The game is a classic shooter. It is necessary to divide into two teams and fight. The battle continues until one of the two teams is defeated. You can also install deadly bombs, which will then have to be neutralized by the players on the task force. Fight and win, destroy all enemies.

This game contains everything that was in the previous version of Counter Strike, while having great additions. It should be noted that Forward Assault  has less maps than the previous version.

There are fewer weapons and locations in the game than previously presented. At the same time, all the necessary weapons are available, for example, AK-17 and M-16. All the locations are attractive, but not too many of them.


The management still needs some work, as it is very confusing at first. You need to be able to control your fingers skillfully to jump or shoot. This is not always convenient.

Forward Assault Mod

Among the pluses, it is worth noting the high-quality graphics, at the level of Counter Strike. Everything is presented with cheerful and bright enough shades, which were not available before.

The graphics are created in the best traditions of Counter Strike Forward Assault that will appeal to many. The gameplay of the game is very interesting that you will not get bored, there are many features and additions.

Basic gameplay

Try to fight in different missions or free maps and quickly appreciate the high quality of physics, as well as the setting of Forward Assault battles. Try to engage in 1v1 confrontation with a computer bot in small locations, fight opponents online or join forces in team mode.

Hack Forward Assault

Run around the map, finding convenient places to defend or places where you can attack. When you spot the enemy, take them down at lightning speed and shoot to kill, trying to hit the head or body. Get coins to destroy or get all sorts of nice bonuses in boxes and boxes scattered around the location.

If you are constantly defeated and you do not have enough patience, use the money and gold mod, thanks to which you can buy the most amazing weapons and armor in an instant, to enhance the main characteristics of warrior to the max. Try to shoot at the enemies with the deadliest weapons – sniper rifles, cool submachine guns, powerful guns and deadly grenades. Look for strategically important locations on the map and remember how to best use them.

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