Fury Unleashed Gift Codes (February 2023)

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Version 1.8.17
Update: 24/01/2023
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Fury Unleashed is a fun and quite entertaining platform shooter. Here you will find an interesting plot where you will literally get into the pages of a comic book and try to understand why the popular comic book creator John Kowalski is having a creative crisis. And of course, you have to destroy hundreds of unusual, and sometimes strange monsters!

Fury Unleashed
 Gift Codes (February 2023)
Codes List Number of Valid Until
NGFJDC6I8TH 910 February 20, 2023
YTLA254KGIFO093 531 March 5, 2023
T6G1YP3WJIA0K5EN 757 February 20, 2023
10IM82JYVQBANGSU5 706 February 5, 2023
O62YBDUE5IW3V7J 390 February 28, 2023
QUO8PIVF6L2GH10S 985 March 13, 2023
OSDUVRJ0QAYWZTHG 911 March 22, 2023
M4K0EN1UDYBTRI67Z 422 February 7, 2023
CB3DK7J12VQ5W9E 866 February 22, 2023
ZKE4AJ1PDRFQT7LO 195 January 31, 2023

Each level is a separate page of a comic book, where an event takes place, or you need to defeat a dangerous monster. As the game progresses, it will be possible to upgrade your hero, mainly by getting him more and more powerful weapons. But if you get bored of going alone, you can always call a friend and play the pond online.

Another feature of the game is the ability to adjust the difficulty level, where you can put the easiest option if you just want to have fun and go through the story. But there is still an option to set the maximum level of difficulty, after which even more difficult modes will open for you. Also worth noting is the excellent cartoon graphics, and excellent voice acting from Adam Skorupa and Krzysztof Wierzynkiewicz.

Game Features:
Many unique levels;
Beautiful graphics and professional voice acting;
Interesting story;
Opportunity to play together online.