Garena Free Fire MAX Coupon Codes (January 2023)

Category VIP Codes
Version 2.97.1
Update: 25/01/2023
Install Original android

Garena Free Fire MAX is an enhanced version of the famous action game that has more advanced graphics for powerful devices. The game has not yet been released to full access, but now fans of the game can test the novelty on their devices.

Garena Free Fire MAX
 Coupon Codes (January 2023)
Codes List Number of Valid Until
SI2L7WH0FXD 460 February 11, 2023
AKJM5WZ4RXBULT6 167 March 14, 2023
F7INVU9TJGLQ5PCS 373 March 1, 2023
ZDIE8UGOABRJCL5W1 507 March 23, 2023
2JOHKBW5IAR9V7G 170 March 12, 2023
IFDW8RXAK67PGYEO 241 March 20, 2023
Y0ZKJM4HE6CNOBAX 855 March 4, 2023
YO3HJDWMNVSUTA8KR 419 March 18, 2023
QHO1YLKWSZI0D3A 938 March 16, 2023
15THRJSEMVILXW3K 469 March 23, 2023

This project is an excellent choice for those who like to survive alone, participating in bloody skirmishes. In this shooter with excellent graphics, you will find yourself one of those 30 people who will be sent to a large island that is a battlefield. Choose your starting position, stock up on weapons to the eyeballs and welcome to this bloodbath! Do your best to eliminate all competitors and remain the only survivor.

Come up with your own combat strategy, hide, wait, run ahead. Kill and loot the corpses, take their guns, drive the vehicles you find, make your way through the hail of bullets and put your bullets into the enemy. Your life and success will depend entirely on you. Good luck!