Giant Wanted Mod 1.1.35 (Unlimited Money and Gems)

Category Casual
Size 153M
Version 1.1.35
Update: 22/01/2023
Install Original android iphone

Giant Wanted is a fun casual game from Supersonic Studios LTD in which you play as a sniper hero who defends his city from various giants by accurately shooting their weak points with a shotgun. his trusty sniper gun.

Giant Wanted

The game does not have any special storyline, open world, or charismatic quest characters that will give you missions to destroy different creatures. You just have to start a certain level by hook or by crooks trying to protect your homeland and its inhabitants from a raging giant.

Giant Wanted Mod

It could be a giant, Godzilla, a demon, or another creature from reality, but one way or another, every opponent in the game Giant Wanted has a weak point that you can hit. That’s right, for this you might need a more powerful sniper rifle than what you’ll get at the beginning of the game.

To buy it immediately and help your compatriots, you can use the mod for a lot of money, which allows you to choose a toy from the assortment offered by the game. It could be a powerful and accurate full-size rifle, or it could be a quick-fire semi-automatic that allows you to quickly shove an entire magazine into the monster.

Hack Giant Wanted

Giant Wanted has simple no-frills graphics and an intuitive interface. Management is done with a standard finger swipe on the screen. Sometimes it is possible to use tactics, such as shooting giants when they are trapped between houses. Also, at any level, a lot of running civilians, who would also need to be saved, diverted the giant’s attention away from their humble personalities.