Gladiator Heroes: Clan War Games - Gladiator heroes Promo Codes (April 2023)

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Version 3.4.17
Update: 07/03/2023
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Gladiator Heroes: Clan War Games – Gladiator Heroes is a breathtaking online strategy game in which players will have the opportunity to become the founder of their army of gladiators and take over the world with their help! First you will need to build a base and develop it. Get resources in gladiator fights and demonstrate your superiority to your enemies.

Gladiator Heroes: Clan War Games – Gladiator heroes
 Promo Codes (April 2023)
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The combat system is the most interesting part of the game. Colorful arenas, the ability to command entire troops, the search for all sorts of targets, the choice of formations, tactics and various magical abilities. What actions you take, such a result you will get. During the battle, you need to keep an eye on each warrior and correctly place your units, since there is little brute force here, a reasonable strategy is also important. When the victory is in your pocket, the game system independently evaluates your work and starts distributing the appropriate rewards.

In the heat of battle, do not forget about the base. Develop it in all areas and build the necessary buildings necessary for successful economic and military advancement. There are buildings that can be pumped up to a certain level, thereby getting the maximum production. The process of economic growth itself has many tricks and nuances, but this is what makes it addictive. Very soon, your heroes will be able to get stronger, and victories will not seem unattainable, the main thing is the right approach. Good luck!