Global City: Build and manage your dream city Codes (February 2023)

Category VIP Codes
Version 0.6.7829
Update: 15/01/2023
Install Original android

Global City: Build and manage your dream city is an exciting city builder game with economic strategy elements. Build your own metropolis, develop urban infrastructure, extract valuable resources, improve trade relations, communicate with friends and build a real empire!

Global City: Build and manage your dream city
 Codes (February 2023)
Codes List Number of Valid Until
W2MQZ9UPERB 963 February 20, 2023
4FH3OEP0NBZKX71 782 February 15, 2023
ALO15H6Q7ZD9IVN3 100 January 19, 2023
V6CL5T0Y2GJOBQAH7 692 January 22, 2023
BK7STHJVCLM0EDI 321 February 26, 2023
TAK2IZJO8MRYSVU0 704 March 2, 2023
TMZQBPIXYG317WEC 353 February 5, 2023
38UTEFVLSQ69NPA51 863 March 5, 2023
WQSRIU7DXJL6G0T 619 March 4, 2023
BJ9SOM75TAV4U3LK 775 March 6, 2023

Following the classics of the genre, you have to develop your city starting with a very limited amount of resources and gradually approaching your goal of building a huge metropolis. Build your first buildings, factories, educational and scientific centers, railway lines, residential buildings, administration and start generating income. Get minerals, make various goods and put them up for sale, as well as exchange available materials with friends.

Upgrade your buildings to take them to the next level and get more profit. Develop various aspects of your city and expand your holdings. Complete different missions and tasks, as well as join forces with other players and communicate with them using the chat. The game has absorbed all the best features of city-building simulators, so you can enjoy the gameplay and spend time with benefit.

Game Features:
Lots of room for development;
Extraction of resources and minerals;
Various buildings;
The ability to improve your buildings;
In-game chat to communicate with players.