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GoreZone is a truly hardcore online action shooter from F2Games, the creators of GoreBox. You are waiting for a fast-paced and brutal first-person gameplay in which you can fight with other players. Use different types of weapons, take part in large-scale confrontations and enjoy the gameplay!

gore zone
Codes (June 2023)
Codes ListNumber ofValid Until
3TL54AK97Q6839February 19, 2023
OTDUGVK18P92Z6N380January 14, 2023
BUD8KCGXTV164S7P680February 18, 2023
82YF6SL0AKZ4DIR7V209March 5, 2023
3LY1KV6CGWM4Z0T508February 17, 2023
MLKE6JIWTX14V0NR430February 22, 2023
CVSE7ANYX8OFQZ6I912February 3, 2023
N1XFO2PCVSJ6YM7H8112February 11, 2023
7JL5EFO69SP0YR3517February 3, 2023
IXV1WKPSG36R8F7Y343February 22, 2023

In the game, gamers are given complete freedom of action, where they can explore the open world, try different types of weapons and fight other players. Create your own rules and game modes by teaming up with players from all over the world or with friends in teams and go on joint raids. Join private servers where up to 100 players can participate at the same time and arrange your own large-scale battles.

On the lower left side of the screen you will find your hero card, which will reflect any damage, on the upper right side of the screen there is a scale of your life and the type of weapon that is currently used. The game is especially famous for its realistic damage to the heroes and the most hardcore gameplay that will suit not the faint of heart.

Game Features:
Ability to team up with players from all over the world;
Voice chat for communication;
Large selection of weapons;
Realistic damage physics;
Cubic graphics.