Gunstar Heroes Classic Codes (July 7, 2022)

NameGunstar Heroes Classic Codes (July 7, 2022)
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In the game Gunstar Heroes Classic for android, you will find a forgotten lunar superweapon, a totalitarian empire striving for world domination, and a mad General who will stop at nothing. Only you can stop him. Play the roles of twin brothers – Red and Blue. Arm yourself with flamethrowers, homing missiles and lasers!


  • Four types of weapons;
  • Local cross-platform multiplayer over Wi-Fi;
  • Seven levels to explore, from ancient ruins to a huge orbital fortress;
  • The ability to save progress at any time in the game;
  • Leaderboards;
  • Support for HID controllers.
Codes ListNumber ofValid Until
GC21HXA0PBE507July 14, 2022
EJW270FOHYLD59G125August 4, 2022
OQAMN7XYVWHBT9R1748July 21, 2022
H6FLCVZ2UE9R8GTBM596July 29, 2022
3FG4LCHX615SONI611August 29, 2022
GXK356L1W4HTZ2NV471August 4, 2022
DWC6LGO25JMZEN0U469August 31, 2022
HVGPMUI63QSA42BYO107August 23, 2022
G683MN1UO4XLZWC984August 5, 2022
I76NO2U5C3MQHW8Y928August 30, 2022

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