Hit box Redeem Codes (June 2023)

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Hit Box is a minimalistic arcade action game from Feavy Games. Here your main task is to transport the box from the beginning of the track to the end. However, you have to do this only with the help of weapons and ammunition. Choose the right time and shoot the box to swing it and make it fly across the track.

Hit box
Redeem Codes (June 2023)
Codes ListNumber ofValid Until
U02IRF5SMCT440April 14, 2023
ZE7JANC1XUFD9HW180May 24, 2023
DS0E74IRYAMUWXH9560April 17, 2023
AYD75L2W1BM08IROQ208April 9, 2023
D2PUETHFOK15X83564April 27, 2023
GBWH3J8IDM6LPZ2Q718May 25, 2023
7T1ICFBYO5AWGR06971April 19, 2023
WHL1SN08BP7ZU6K5E134April 3, 2023
Z2RLEXHS63IO8MN715April 30, 2023
RG9O3DPNQ0SFU2T7230May 15, 2023

At each level, you need to smuggle a box through a track with obstacles overcoming a certain distance. The box is suspended on a rope, and you have a machine gun at your disposal, which must be used to set the box in motion. Shoot the box and swing it around to make the rope break and send it flying free.

Choose the right moment before you shoot, as this will affect the speed of the box. Install various devices on the way of the box to make it speed up. As you progress through the levels, the distance will constantly increase, new obstacles and various types of traps will be added that can prevent you from delivering the box to the finish line.

Game Features:
A wide variety of locations;
Trails of varying difficulty;
Over 70 levels;
Various devices for acceleration;
Skins for the box and weapons.