Horizon Chase iOS Mod 2.5 (Unlimited Money/Unlocked Cars)

NameHorizon Chase
Install Original android iphone

Horizon Chase – one of the representatives of the latest generation of arcade games adapted for mobile devices. One of its signature features is the stylization, which refers to us classic racers that have seen the light of day on those still old dashboards. However, its main advantage should not be attributed to the effects and graphics.

Horizon Chase

Nowadays, quite a few game creators are betting on this, while the dynamic gameplay style and atmosphere of the game are truly unique. Although the graphics are stylized as a console looking angular, the game looks quite attractive and dynamic. Nightscapes in cities look beautiful, especially in the sound of the accompanying music.

Horizon Chase Mod

Racing in Horizon Chase is held on 78 unique tracks across 32 cities. The presence of retro graphics and gameplay that has become traditional, diversifying modern game elements such as a car pump system. You can improve the performance and appearance of your vehicle. There is no multiplayer in the game and it is not planned. However, there is a possibility to pass by Bluetooth gamepad.

Download ( V2.5 )
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