Horrorfield (Hack Map/Unlimited Money) V1.4.5

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Horrorfield is a unique horror game genre, where the player must face-to-face with a psychopath who wants to kill and torture every living thing he comes across. The trick of the game is that the player can try to play the role of a maniac and harmless victims.


What is Horrorfield?

Horrorfield is a great project that allows a whole group of players not only to have fun but also to put a strain on their nerves. The atmosphere in the game is designed in the style of horror and top murder: eerie music, creepy and scary sounds.

Moments of surprise, attack of a madman, blood, instruments of torture and laughter of a villain. In addition, each side can adhere to completely different tactics, which will help diversify the course of the game!



The game takes place in real time. Before starting, the team gathers five people, four of whom will be victims, and one madman. The madman’s goal is to capture and kill all the victims, and the victims’ mission is simply to escape.

As the characters are pumped, both the madman and the victim, new unusual abilities are unlocked to help perform the necessary actions in the game. All events take place in darkened rooms and with whimsical accompaniment, sure to please all horror fans.


While the madman searches for rooms for his victims, captures them and brings them back to his lair, other players explore the room, choose a shelter, and start the generator to make the visit of the psychopath. God is not a surprise to them. At the same time, they are looking for first aid kits to put their allies in order.

Features of Horrorfield

  • several models of madmen and victims to choose from;
  • each model has a pumping system, evolving with which you can get new skills for survival and attack;
  • many additional items to make the game more fun;
  • the chance to both tickle your nerves, play a victim and enjoy your greatness, and play like a madman;
  • online battle.