Hotel Empire Tycoon Mod 3 (Free Shopping)

Category Simulation
Size 164M
Version 3
Update: 30/03/2023
Install Original android iphone

Hotel Empire Tycoon offers endless possibilities to create and grow your own business. Players will not have time to get bored. For starters, he has a small hotel at his disposal. The facility offers only a limited number of rooms. Moreover, the rest of them can hardly be called perfectly comfortable.


However, there is no choice. We will have to make up for the shortcomings of the hotel with the bright smiles that displease the guests who come constantly. It is necessary to deal with a large number of cases not only related to the competent resettlement of guests. Finally, it is still necessary to clean the room promptly, to fulfill the wishes of the guest.

Hotel Empire Tycoon Gameplay

You should not compare this game with a regular clicker game. Cleaning a rundown hotel is extremely difficult. The road to success will be hindered by many challenges. Hotel entrepreneurs will have to start from scratch. Before you arbitrarily use a commendable organization, you should invite guests into a small room.


To facilitate the pile-up work and quickly manage the assigned tasks, gamers can recruit employees. They will provide all possible assistance to complete the tasks provided in the game. With each task completed, gamers will receive a certain amount of coins. In addition, guests pay the rest by themselves. All the money accumulated in Hotel Empire TycoonClicker Game Manager Simulator will be useful for the development of an open business.

Apart from a few small bedrooms, there was simply nothing there. Therefore, guests will have to be diligent in seduction. As soon as a new guest pays for a short stay in the room, you will add to your account the first amount of your earnings. It will be easier to grow the business further.


Start by adding a new room. As for additional premises, each of them has its characteristics. Before starting an expansion, you should carefully consider the prospect of such growth. It can expand the hotel at the expense of the restaurant, or it can improve its room budget.

Game Features

Over time, an experienced businessman will be able to open additional rooms, which allows them to attract a significant number of guests. Don’t forget about the various decorations of the hotel interior. The pleasant design of the rooms quickly lifts the spirits of guests, forcing them to leave a generous tip. A great assistant in business development is a fashion for people with a lot of money. The main goal of gamers is to turn the hotel into a luxury hotel that brings a stable source of income and attracts a huge number of guests.


Using this emulator will be not only fun but also quite challenging. Gradually, players will begin to understand what is the secret of the success of the best hotels in the world. The basics of the hotel business should be mastered gradually. Open the entire network of the best hotels in the city and start upgrading them gradually. Attract new customers to your room and increase profits for your business.

To elevate your hotel to the top of the leaderboard, you need to invite smart employees. It is the rating that is the indicator that directly affects the success of a business. Invite friends to the room to find out their true impressions.