Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom Redeem Codes (April 2023)

Category VIP Codes
Version 1.67.0
Update: 30/03/2023
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Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom is a very cool role-playing game with cartoony graphics in the style of “Futurama”, where we will rebuild our kingdom and fight with various mythical creatures – orcs, undead and many others. In the castle you will have your own people: an economist who will count your money, warriors who will fight for you in battles, and a cook whose task is to restore the health of heroes after battles with the help of delicious food. The gameplay of the game is implemented in such a way that you can view every room of your castle and watch the subjects, it’s very cool.

Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom
 Redeem Codes (April 2023)
Codes List Number of Valid Until
ENMFG7D80UO 768 May 6, 2023
JSHEIKYN12LT8AX 682 May 9, 2023
CJ4B5L1S6VHUM0AQ 484 March 30, 2023
QWCD90V6SGEFBNHZI 167 May 16, 2023
ERG8VZBCK4F65XL 409 May 7, 2023
24C895AUY1GXZITJ 658 April 8, 2023
S6VKAGYL8WZ5271O 316 May 18, 2023
MI7AZ431HD0X6SNLU 404 April 30, 2023
VD1847XHR59BTSE 152 April 10, 2023
MDA08XKLVI6ZOST5 517 May 2, 2023

Each person from your team can be pumped and improved in every possible way, and the more each of them is pumped, the better he will cope with his duties. As you progress, you will be able to build new buildings in your kingdom, as well as replenish your team with new people. Complete exciting tasks in the story campaign, get valuable trophies as a gift and develop your mighty kingdom to the envy of all enemies! An incredibly addictive game with a convenient, colorful interface and a medieval atmosphere will captivate for hours.