I am the Emperor Gift Codes (February 2023)

Category VIP Codes
Version 4.0.0
Update: 17/01/2023
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I am the Emperor is a beautiful and interesting role-playing game that will take you to China during the dynasties. You have to become the emperor of a large Chinese dynasty in order to lead your people to victory and leave a good mark on history. You may want to leave behind not only a statue, but also an heir.

I am the Emperor
 Gift Codes (February 2023)
Codes List Number of Valid Until
4E0BJ5IR3Y7 743 February 16, 2023
D1TE05ZYOCFA4LP 850 January 22, 2023
XU9DL6O0VW2IMRQH 224 January 29, 2023
C6WINUBALK21VY703 748 January 19, 2023
SH7ZK8D69TBQNFC 732 March 2, 2023
M215BTI7YWA9F3XJ 773 January 20, 2023
H6L2CKEAQYSWO5UJ 488 February 18, 2023
OUP48NAQMWBEH0XJ6 325 March 13, 2023
HJODMV87ST0BF4Y 332 February 13, 2023
4USXB2JQAHDOL0IN 866 February 8, 2023

Be prepared for a large number of parameters that need to be adjusted. One awkward maneuver – and the country can easily roll down the high hill of evolution. Expand your borders, train powerful warriors in academies, upgrade your leisure area and enjoy your labors to the fullest!

Become a stranger and leave the palace to find out how people live in other countries. This is a kind of espionage that will let you know about the current situation in the world. Perhaps this will encourage your ministers to study in the academies or provide some motivation to strengthen the military power of the empire!

Having done everything necessary, the main character can easily find a lover to leave an heir behind him. Look for a worthy companion with whom you would spend your whole life in order to leave behind a great descendant!