Ice Scream Episode 2 Mod 1.1.3 (Unlocked/Unlimited life)

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Ice Scream Episode 2 is the sequel to the popular game in which the main villain, the ice cream maker Rod, kidnaps children. In this part, the user will have to find a neighbor who is trapped by this ruthless criminal. The main character has to find his friend and find out where he is hiding. Also, you need to find out what the main villain needs and why he does it.

Ice Scream Episode 2

Only by getting into the van to the villain can you find out everything about his plan. However, this is not at all easy to do. The main character will have to act very quietly and secretly, because the villain has excellent hearing. Additionally, Ice Scream Episode 2 implements a puzzle-solving system that you can further advance along the plot.

Ice Scream Episode 2

This game is a great adventure full of passion and excitement. It should also be noted that for fans of the hardcore mode in Ice Scream Episode 2 prepare several levels of difficulty. And finally, for complete immersion, the developers recommend playing this game with a headset.