Ice Scream iOS Mod 1.2.2 (Outwitt/Unlocked/Unlimited Ammo)

Name Ice Scream 1: Horror Neighborhood
Category Casual
Size 149M
Version 1.2.2
Update: 11/10/2022
Install Original android iphone

Ice Scream: Horror Neighborhood is a nasty game different from the Keplerian Horror Game. You will feel like living in hell with terrible tortures and nightmares, but surely after the first time, you will want to play again and again.

Ice Scream: Horror Neighborhood


Players will play the role of an ordinary citizen in the demon city, facing a notorious gangster organization extremely evil. A rough-looking stranger tries to approach, trick and kidnap your best friend. He has a lot of special abilities such as freezing, slowing or putting you in a bad state. You will have to find the secret and try to rescue your friend by any means possible.

Ice Scream has a special atmosphere supported by a great soundtrack, so it’s best to play with headphones. The creepy music adds adrenaline to the player and makes the heart beat faster. And this is exactly what horror fans expect.

Ice Scream: Horror Neighborhood

Gameplay and Location

The first place you’ll go in Ice Scream is, of course, the ice cream vendor’s truck. That is where the monster’s most terrible secrets are hidden. Then the hero will have to move through different areas of the city and solve puzzle after puzzle.

A special plot created by the fact that the ice cream maker will try their best to stop you. We’ll have to be extra careful so that Rod doesn’t notice the hero’s presence in the car. As soon as he spots you, he will immediately start hunting. So, choose in advance a dark, discreet place, a convenient place to hide in case of alarm.

Ice Scream: Horror Neighborhood


The player must solve many puzzles, each more difficult than the previous one. For each correct answer, the hero has the opportunity to learn more about the villain. If you complete all the missions well, you will be able to shoot down Rod in a car. You can choose the optimal difficulty of the game using the settings, which have options ranging from simple to super difficult.

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