Investment Run iOS Mod 1.1.18 (Unlimited Money/Gems)

NameInvestment Run
Install Original android iphone

Investment Run is a game presented in the form of a runaway. Players first overclock and then look at different scenarios. Along the way, there are interesting offers and not a lot. It can be bitcoins or shares of a company.

In any case, they can be taken away or passed. Players can speed up, but then you have to quickly understand the decisions. An interesting idea is to collect offers first and get maximum points. Along the way, not just stocks.

Investment Run

Indicators in the game Investment Run may vary according to them. Players often tend to popular social networks. There is a chance to get the maximum score if you just choose Facebook or VK. At the finish line, the total number of proposals is evaluated. You can also look at missed opportunities.

Investment Run Mod

Players evaluate the charts on the go and conclude. Often it turns out that the decision was made correctly. At a certain point, the accelerometer is only used in places. For example, you cannot look at investments at first and only then pay attention to the charts. Players can still rate offers from the store. An Investment Run mod that makes a lot of money will come in handy here.

Experienced players understand that valuable offers often come with risks. For example, it is possible to evaluate financial pyramids. In theory, it’s better not to choose them. But if we consider this game, the risk is often justifiable.

Run to Invest

This means that when playing through the game, you don’t have to look at the graph. You can trust your intuition and act according to the circumstances.

Download ( V1.1.18 )
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