Iron Desert Mod 7.2 (One Hit/Unlimited Money)

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Iron Desert on iOS – a fascinating online strategy from the company, where you will become the head of your army and lead it into battle against the strongest opponents. Build military camps, equip them with the most advanced military equipment and start your battles with the most powerful tanks at your disposal.

Iron Desert

Iron Desert is a game that will help owners of mobile devices find a use worthy of their abilities. The talent of a strategist and tactician, courage and fortitude, determination and dedication – all this underlies military victories. A colorful game with convenient controls and an impressive variety of equipment, weapons, and other resources that will set you up for trophies and glory.


In the early stages of the game, you will be provided with a standard set of vehicles – light and not the most powerful tanks, and a small squad of soldiers. In the process of completing the missions provided, you can open to use a variety of flamethrowers, helicopters, and other advanced weapons, as well as increase the number of your soldiers.

Iron Desert Mod

Traditionally, to strengthen your position, you need to make successful raids on the enemy, to seize his resources. But always know that defending your base is still the top goal. The enemy can come at the most inopportune time, so the main objective, as always, is to strengthen the command post with the most advanced armored vehicles. The final mission in the game will be to defeat the legendary Commander Scar!

Iron Desert Highlights

Such prospects will be appreciated by every active gambler who in real life is deprived of the pleasure of competing for leadership by ruthless methods. Owners of mobile devices will now become experienced commanders-in-chief, whose actions the outcome of each battle depends on, and ultimately – the successful end of a large-scale war. big.

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Iron Desert includes many levels, each level will be an opportunity for you to show your talent. The commander-in-chief has access to various military equipment and resources for the next combat mission to be won. Gamers will have to control tanks, use different weapons, lead a large army into battle – the eventful nature of the virtual adventure is truly impressive.

Access to modern weapons and advanced armored vehicles will open a mod that earns a lot of money, well-designed strategies and tactics will contribute to victory. Prudence and prudence will help the commander draw up an effective plan to protect his military base, and the love of risk will allow you to act boldly and decisively.