Isekai: Warrior's Kiss Mod 3.0.20 (Unlimited Diamonds)

Category Simulation
Size 62M
Version 3.0.20
Update: 17/01/2022
Install Original android

Isekai: Warrior’s Kiss – Otome Romance Game is a game where mages can be upgraded. It was not only allowed to view standard spells but also allowed to choose new ones. This means that killing monsters will be a lot easier. In the game, pay special attention to improvements.

Isekai: Warrior's Kiss

There is a desire not only to pump strength but also constantly monitor other indicators. Friends are always ready to suggest new spells. Player Isekai: Warrior’s Kiss – Otome Romance Game constantly modifies the hero. Can choose the features of the appearance. When the force is pumped up, the hero’s appearance will change. At first, the mage looks plain and unimpressive in size. When the road is just beginning, you can see how the hero changes.

Not everyone will like the first opponent. The hero will have to fight a terrible goblin. Its features lie in the fact that it moves quickly. When the battle is in full swing, it is important to find the weak points of the enemy. Some players will like to exchange messages with other heroes. A certain amount of exp is awarded even when giving advice. The game has a beautifully designed interface so it’s easy to make changes.

Isekai: Warrior's Kiss Mod

When communicating with other characters, it is allowed to place different icons in the foreground. You should also update old commands.
The mod for a lot of diamonds allows you to see the changes in the shop. You can buy different slots for spells. It is also easy to spot an ancient karmic book. The most interesting thing is that the game encourages the collection of herbs.